Prepare the surface before painting is really necessary?

A paint preparation surface still has untreated stains, rusty, … not only affecting aesthetics but also seriously affecting the surface quality, prone to corrosion and does not meet the requirements other technical requirements. Therefore, sand blasting of metal before painting is extremely necessary.

The causes for rapid paint deterioration
The surface to be painted has not been treated cleanly, cling to dust, old paint, rust, grease, etc., reducing adhesion after painting.
Due to acid, alkali, salt contamination in paint leading to the surface after the paint blisters.
The surface is not flat, there are many concave points causing uneven film thickness. Cracks often appear at convex points. Impurities penetrate the cracks to the surface of the material, leading to corrosion under the paint film.
Why is surface treatment before painting necessary?

As is known, the disadvantages of iron and steel are prone to rust. To extend the life of details as well as equipment, people often conduct painting or plating metal surfaces. Before painting, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface to paint as well as to bond metal to the best surface.

If the surface of the needle is not treated first, the quality of the paint will not be guaranteed and will lead to damage to the paint film.

Metal sand blasting – Surface preparation solution for coating industry

Metal sand blasting is a common method in the machining and surface treatment industry. This method uses small-sized abrasives to spray onto the surface of the item at a very high speed. Sand collided, rubbed on the surface to clean the debris, rust, bring a surface depending on the requirements of the sprayer.

The spray paint protects metal surfaces that require a smooth surface to help the protective coating to adhere well. Large products require a large surface cleaning, a lot of effort if done manually so sand blasting of metal will be a perfect solution.

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