How to effectively use handheld sand blasting machine?

Hand-held sand blasting machines are increasingly popular because of the superior benefits that it offers to the cleaning industry. A clear understanding of how to use the sand blasting machine will help you operate the machine optimally.

Hand-held sand blasting machines are sold everywhere, customers easily choose to buy a product for themselves but do not know how to use it, do not understand how the principle works. Therefore, operating them becomes difficult and inefficient. Through this article, Growell Vietnam will help you make good use of portable sand blasting machines

Operation principle of portable sand blasting machine

Sand blasting is a tool that uses compressed air to push sand away at high speed. Hand-held sand blasting machine has basic structure including sand blasting gun, air compressor, sand chamber and wire. Sand blasting gun has 2 heads with one pneumatic end, one with sand. The compressed air is brought in, through the sand container, it pushes the sand along and forms a stream. Technical sand grains will be ejected with great pressure, flying at high speed and directed to the surface to be machined. The lines of sand are shaped with spray gun heads, flying out at high speed, creating a collision effect, friction on the machining surface. Since then create the ability to abrasive, clean for sand blasting guns.

How to use sand blasting machine

Sand blasting machine has many product lines, manufactured by many manufacturers. So detailed usage also has many unique characteristics. However, they also have a common use process that customers need to pay attention to.

Step 1: Prepare a full sand blasting gun, air compressor, sand chamber and wire.

Step 2: Connect compressed air conductor, sand conductor with air compressor and sand chamber.

Step 3: Connect compressed air wires, sand conductors with sand blasting guns. A strong connection is required, to avoid being loose, which can cause slip during operation.

Step 4: Prepare a wire system and open a small air compressor. Gradually increase the speed of the air compressor to test the structures that are firmly secured and safe.

Step 5: Perform sand blasting on surfaces to be machined. Move guns into lines to ensure even machining of all surfaces.

Hopell, through the above article, gives you the necessary information on the principles of operation and the use of portable sand blasting machines. If you haven’t found an effective sand blasting address, go to Growell. We specialize in providing and designing sand blasting machines, modern advanced ball blasting machines.

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